Monday, 18 October 2010

new lens recipe..opinions?

documentation of live performance?

limbs, sound, sweat, eye contact, interaction and, perhaps above all:

inner motive

how do you preserve all this in film?

what's the point of "canning" a fresh show?

the aging valid reasons of "reference" and "portfolio" seem no longer enough to film performance..

i am full on different approaches to the concept. multiple takes, non-linearity, flexing of rhythm and physical gesture..

capturing performance on video not as re-enactment but as re-action to the action..

in a different form,yes, but one that just like live action, it is validated through its uniqueness..

traditional, "archiving" footage will still go on along this attempt..



  1. Oh yes please. This is how I should like people to video my pieces (ie, as their pieces). Kurt Kren did it very nicely for Otto Muehl and Gunter Brus. I'm sure there are a million nice ways of doing it.

  2. i think we need to talk about this more. in general i find documentation of performance (through photography and video) a frustrating distraction. Performance is about time and space and now.
    although i'm interested by the idea of using documentation to make new work i think this needs to be done in conversation with all involved.

  3. yep, i want this ephemera to be more than document of what was - hmmm