Monday, 25 October 2010

was neues..

lovely dinner with three lovely people, 
all expressing their concerns about our “outdoor” attempts, the bus route
mentioning abuse, swearing, beatings and arrests..
a phrase stuck in mind: “with all this terror act, you’ll sure get arrested”..
which refreshed an ongoing questioning of this city’s (country’s?) priorities to its citizens:
is it all about slavework/collect/consume/shit and die? 

are we ruled by a system that has repeatedly failed to understand the difference between artistic expression and terrorism? 

is funding and resources allocated/distributed through a market-based network that views art as an ornamental function in its society, favoring “community” over individualism/originality, treating thus the artists as product of behaviour farms? 

aphoristic all that sounds, and easily answered..
easy answers are needed in hard times..

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