Sunday, 12 December 2010

why, how, charcoal and torch..

there seems to be a centralized version of The Truth..

or The Fact..

lurking there, among people's minds, and expressed through such "why?s as the one thrown at you, in your train journey..

i'm thinking, this train you were ridding is an achievement of an advanced species..all the technology employed to make it real is a distillation of "know How"..

and yet passengers, strangers, all belonging to the [intelligent] species called humanity which created that train, along with rockets and cpus.. is massively addicted and restrained (no pun intended) to this universal Why, shining like a gilded plate offered to you to place your smudged head on..

behaviour, behaviour, behaviour..

what one must/must not do is echoed and reproduced unquestioned, and all other "variations" imply absurdity (i.e. handsome young man with charcoal on his face in a public transport apparatus..)

so this it it then:

public ignorance and brainwashing are serving our performing personae through confusion and (apparent)absurdity..

what a lovely vehicle your charcoaled face an olympic torch it sustains and transports the action from the albert place to manchester and surbiton..

to trains, trainstations, spaceships and disease-curing supermachines,

made by a kind still chained to its universal Why's..

we elude, flourish and survive in the tension (pun intended) our non-comforfmity evokes, as it is thrown in raw, honest, smack-bang against the predictable questions and predictable answers of humans boxed in trains and suits..

i will sleep better tonight,
knowing there is black marks of action written on your chest..


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